Aadhaar Based DCT Implementation States Excited

The Aadhaar based Direct Cash Transfer (DCT) scheme will be covered by the entire state of Jharkhand by May 2013, said by the Jairam Ramesh, union rural development minister. In every district of the state the DCT scheme will be implemented by the middle of 2013 year. The first phase includes 4 districts from Jharkhand for DCT launch out of the selected 43 districts from the country and it also includes the state capital Ranchi, Ramgarh, Hararibagh and sareikala-kharsawan. He added that the people can directly gain the benefits offered by the governments will the help of Aadhaar platform based implementation. He also said that a list will be released before June 2013 which contains a new list of people who have enrolled for the state who have enrolled for their Aadhaar numbers is around 1 crores. A total of 24 districts are in the state of which the list heads with the Ranchi with about 11.28 lakhs enrollments that is followed by Dhanbad and girded with around 9 and 7.9 lakhs Aadhaar enrollments.
The Aadhaar Card based DCT scheme will be launched from 01st January 2013 onwards which has cleared by the Delhi Government. The scholarship cash and payment of health scheme which is in to their bank account which is linked with their 12 – digit unique Aadhaar number. The state government’s official reported to inform that 4 schemes include in the first launch which is powered by the central government that is scholarship for OBC and SC / ST students, Jannani suraksha yojna and Indira Gandhi Maitrey Sahyog Yojana. He also informed that the remaining schemes which are the remaining schemes which are centrally sponsored will soon be integrated with the Aadhaar platform. The benefits will got by the Aadhaar number holder directly in to their account. So for, people of the state who have enrolled for the Aadhaar is around 1.22 crores.

When moving towards the south, the Kerala government is to make Kerala the first Aadhaar state and also has announced to cover the entire state with Aadhaar before the beginning of April 2013 80% of the state’s populations have already got their Aadhaar numbers which is revealed by the state and Mr. Oomnen Chandi, Kerala chief minister, has said that by march 2013 the entire state will be covered with the Aadhaar and has also asked the remaining people of the state to enroll for their Aadhaar number as soon as possible.
Presently, so for state wise in the country, Kerala is at the third spot with 1.84 crores people enrolled for their Aadhaar card in terms of no of enrollments. The district wise list heads Ernakulum with around 20 lakhs enrollments which are followed by Thiruvanthapuram with about 18.89 lakhs and Palakkad with about 18.55 lakhs Aadhaar enrollments respectively. The state consists of 14 districts.

However, UIDAI director general, Rs Sharma, said that the main objective to those people for whom the DCT scheme will be implemented in the first phase in some selected 43 districts is to provide Aadhaar cards and not to everyone. He also added that the subsidy who are getting should not face any type of trouble from January and our level best to ensure this is done by our team.