Supreme Court Accepts Aadhaar Card Not Compulsory for LPG Subsidy

Till Supreme Court Accepts to Aadhaar Card it is not Mandatory / Compulsory for LPG Subsidy. These words said by the Mr. Veerappa Moily Minister of Oil and Petroleum. Once again conform the Aadhaar Card is not the mandatory for LPG gas subsidy through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) which are implementing now in 97 districts across the Country. Right now Supreme Court gives the green signal the Aadhaar Card Mandatory for government schemes. Raising more confusion in the common man in local Aadhaar Card compulsory for every government schemes and it is hard to get after lot of waiting and it is became hot topic from cities to rural areas Aadhaar become a crazy hero. Finally some relief for the people who didn't get Aadhaar Card till. Also See: Aadhaar to Continue After NIA bill approve by GOI

They are getting more relief by the words by the Supreme Court and also from concerned minister. Government checking the loop holes and problems in the LPG gas subsidy issuing through Direct Benefit Transfer in the 97 districts and also ammending in the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme. Don't Miss: How to Validate Aadhaar Card Digital Signature

So implementing of Aadhaar Card we take more time because the government oil companies, UIDAI must answered the questions raised by Supreme court on Aadhaar Card identification whether it is citizenship or ID. The government will also more time from Supreme court to advocate their version in the supreme court and it must satisfy and clear the doubts in supreme court then only the supreme court will give green signal for implement Aadhaar Card in the LPG gas subsidy. Also Read: Download e-Aadhaar Card Online