Schools and Colleges Admissions via Aadhaar Card Only

Aadhaar Card Mandatory for Schools and Colleges Admissions...
The Recent developments in the Education Department of Himachal Pradesh state showing that Aadhaar Card is compulsory for the admission in whether it is government colleges, schools and private sector schools or colleges. Aadhaar Card is mandatory for student for his / her admission into any class. The Department of Education, Himachal Pradesh officials are launched this new rule for admission in government and private schools or colleges the mention of Aadhaar Card number made mandatory. For this purpose the admissions applications are modifying as adding a extra column for Aadhaar card number which carry 14 digits this rule applicable in the through out Himachal Pradesh state. Don't Miss this Article: Aadhaar Card For Railway Reservation and Biometric

This new rules will commence from the next academic year. Both Government and Private colleges and schools must maintain all students Aadhaar Card numbers for further requirements like scholarships and other government benefits to the students will also through this Aadhaar Card number only. So government work will be easy by this Aadhaar Number for scholarships the Aadhaar Card will identify the each students personal details and his parent details also.