Political Shadow on eAadhaar Card

eAadhaar Card is not Compulsory for LPG Subsidy....
Recently Sarkar of India had taken a decision that Aadhaar Card is not compulsory for LPG subsidy. This decision has drawn shadow on Aadhaar card. Two years back government had taken Aadhaar as pilot project to eradicate block market in LPG. Most of the people linked their Aadhar with bank accounts. All opposition parties had demanded prime minister to increase number of subsidy gas cylinders. But he showed deaf ear at the opposition. How to Check Aadhaar Card Status

Few days back in All India Congress Committee (AICC) meeting congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi demanded for 12 subsidy gas cylinders and removal of Aadhaar for LPG subsidy. Within the days of Rahul Gandhi request central cabinet has taken this decision. This shows that government is interested in vote bank politics and more over Lok Sabha Elections are coming in 75 days government had started its tactics in increasing their vote bank and to focus Rahul Gandhi.

From March Central Government had put a great pressure on people as well as state governments for Aadhar linkage. Many of the poor people who don’t have bank accounts were forced to open no frill accounts for gas subsidy. Now all their effort goes vain with this decision.

Because of the government decision in removal of Aadhaar for gas subsidy, nearly 1200crores of people money was wasted. There is no guarantee that coming governments will again give the approval for Aadhar linkage. This shows government has most interest in their vote bank rather than serving the people.