BJP targets Aadhaar Cards and UPA Government

Aadhaar Card is targeted by the main opposition Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) questioning the legal status of Aadhaar Card although parliament and parliaments standing committee not approved Aadhaar Cards which issued by UIDAI by UPA government has lot of hopes on NIA (National Identification Authority). This umbrella (NIA) has to take the Aadhaar card without controversially to the common people but the parliament standard committee rejected the NIA 2010 bill. Download the eAadhaar Letter Card

There is another twist by the spooks person of BJP saying that the bill for issuing unique ID which has not been consent of parliament and collecting Bio-Metric data which came under violation of individual constitutional right. The Aadhaar card is going the hands-off illegal immigrants who do not have proper certificates and citizenship should not been given Aadhaar card but UN-Authorized immigrants are getting these Aadhaar card numbers than citizens of India.

Although supreme court shower the questions about the Aadhaar card legal status to the UPA government and now the main opposition also targeting Aadhaar card. On the other side UIDAI chairmen saying that we are reaching our ctarget of 60 crore Aadhaar cards before the target and we reach already 46 crore Aadhaar card distribution to the people of India. Although these problems the UPA government stand on Aadhaar card became more strong and tough ambition will take a final touch when Supreme court issue its verdict on Aadhaar card status whether it has any validity as per the constitution of India or not. This verdict decide the fate of Aadhaar card and this is the hot topic in the common man now in the country.