A Confusion Saga on Aadhaar Card Link for LPG Cylinder Subsidy

The Election gifts are coming from UPA central Government in the way of cancellation of Aadhaar Link to the subsidy to LPG gas cylinders. This is a really good news for the common people in the country who are in confusion about Aadhaar Card how to get what is link to LPG gas subsidy. After one year drama by the UPA government over Aadhaar Card based subsidy to the gas cylinder put an end by the same government after supreme court also opposed the Aadhaar Card validity and people troubled very much by the way of gas dealers asked the Aadhaar card for issue the gas cylinder to the consumers. Also Get the eAadhaar Letter Card Online

These problems are going to put off the Aadhaar Link gas distribution saga came to an end the all consumers are going to get as normal way as earlier system. But in the real life some LPG gas dealers still asking the Aadhaar Cards linkage to the bank passbook and also with the dealers to get their cylinder. For the end phase applicable to the 34 districts LPG consumers has to submit their Aadhaar Card details and Aadhaar link to their bank accounts to get their subsidy amount to the accounts directly from government of India if consumers failed to submit their Aadhaar linked bank details to the LPG distributors within the time manner they won't got their gas cylinder from the LPG distributor. And also pay the market price of full amount (Non - Subsidy) to each cylinder.

The union cabinets decision of no to Aadhaar Link LPG gas. Information was not sent to the dealers now at this movement. This causes the LPG dealers following earlier orders for Aadhaar link to get cylinder at subsidy price. The Rs.435/- has advanced subsidy has been transferred to all LPG Consumer accounts more are less 2crores bank accounts successfully. Nearly 50 Lakhs LPG gas cylinders has been distributed at market price these consumers are not submitted their the Aadhaar Card details within given time.