Aadhaar Card For Railway Reservation and Biometric

Railway Ticket Reservation is going through Aadhaar Card. Railway Ministry is seriously thinking about use of Aadhaar card in wide range for railway ticket reservation also. All the passengers required Aadhaar card for every ticket reservation this will be implement after successful issue of Aadhaar Cards to all Indians in the country otherwise it is not possible to implement in railway reservation. From unconfirmed news is that the Aadhaar based railway ticket reservation. As on now only 50% of the people are only got there Aadhaar card from UIDAI. So it will take some more time to introduce Aadhaar based train ticket reservation in the railways.

From the unofficial sources the implement through TC / TTE will keep a handle terminal mission with them during the ticket examining in the journey. This mission loaded with all passengers information and the TTE will match each passengers Biometric (Finger Print) which was already given by the passenger at the time of Aadhaar Enrollment if the data did not match with this mission needs to identify the fake passenger.

This system makes more income to the railways and empty hand to the TC, TTE because TTE did not get any money from the fake passenger and a good news to all train passengers. The Railway Ministry is at slow and study in the implementation of Aadhaar Card with for railway reservation is going to take at four stages. In ths 1st stage Aadhaar Card will put in ID proof option which is available now. In the 2nd stage online tatkal ticket booking through Aadhaar Card. In the 3rd Stage Aadhaar Card is compulsory for tatkal ticket reservation. Final and 4th Stage fulfilled implement of Aadhaar Card in all kinds of Railway reservation whether it is counter booking, online booking and tatkal booking this system will keep the brokers and agents away from railway ticket reservation and each and every passenger will be benefited from this Aadhaar Card implementing in Railway ticket reservation. Some sources criticizing this Aadhaar link train reservation system because from 3 years Aadhaar cards are issuing in all states but did not complete in any state and in some parts of the country people did not showing interests for Aadhaar card enrollment in near term time.