Still Government Stand on Aadhaar Based Subsidy Scheme

Whatever happening in Supreme Court, the government still standing in favor of Aadhaar implementing in the country although Supreme Court is not in favor and questioning Aadhaar for direct transfer of subsidy amount of LPG to the gas customers through this Aadhaar card is going at strong stand from the Union Government of India. LPG oil companies encouraging their customers through giving applications for Aadhaar link to their bank account the same to the oil companies to get fast and perfect transfer of their subsidy amount as the trail run government of India already selected 184 districts for across the country from different states for this direct transferring LPG directly into the customers bank accounts. And also government release 2000 crores and transferred to the bank account of LPG consumers, which bank accounts are linked with Aadhaar and also oil companies and these bank accounts only received the subsidy amount. Also Read this Article: How to Download Aadhaar Card through Online

The Government of India taking all steps to complete the Aadhaar link with the consumers bank accounts at a fast and speedy. But the oil companies did not at this fast phase or not linking with Aadhaar card. Every day nearly 5 to 6 lakhs of applications are uploading for Aadhaar link with oil companies but oil companies are only 5000 applications are processing for a single day. This late the process of linking bank accounts taking long time to complete. Also See this Post: Know Your Aadhaar Card Status online

Supreme Court ordered not to ask any consumer the Aadhaar card is important and must linked with bank accounts but still oil companies such as IOCL< HPCL and BPCL etc companies asking consumers to submit Aadhaar Card and above details to them. On the other hand government investing 1000's of crores for this Stages Aadhaar.