Photo Mistakes in Aadhaar Card

UIDAI total Failure in Aadhaar Card Photos more people getting their Aadhaar card with the photographs which are not matching as per the names of the card holder. Instead of photos of the original Aadhaar Card holder some Aadhaar cards came with another person women photos in male Aadhaar Cards and Male photos in Women Aadhaar Cards and another funny thing is some Aadhaar cards came with animal photos also in the card and the card holder stuns by seeing their photos. Also Read How to Know my Aadhaar Card Status

Although UIDAI taken all precautions for a perfect photos in Aadhaar cards some operators mistakes leads to mistakes in Aadhaar Card photos. To solve this problem UIDAI launch a solution team the job of manual duplication checking. In some places the operators neglegance at a worst service they uploaded their finger prints instead of original Aadhaar Card enroller and this leads to rejection of their entire Aadhaar process and people has to start from first stage again. UIDAI clarifies in a note about this kind of mistakes the card holder must get a rejected certificate from the UIDAI then only we have to apply one more time for Aadhaar Enrollment and to get Aadhaar Card and clearly mentioned that without rejected certificate nobody can't enroll again for Aadhaar card.