Aadhaar Card Easy to Open Bank Account without Application

Aadhaar Card had a another phase of eco-friendly which saves paper. Now the bank accounts opening without paper application this will save the cutting lot of trees for paper manufacturing. The UIDAI's Aadhaar Card becoming Earth's Friendly. Aadhaar Card saving tons of papers now every bank not asking for application to open a account which consists of 4-5 A4 size papers after launching Aadhaar card these application papers are saving by this Aadhaar Card. If anybody want to open a new bank account in any bank now they just need a magic 12 digit number a Aadhaar card number and it ease the hours of waiting for opening bank account. Now customers who had Aadhaar Card number are entering into bank and come out with a bank passbook in a few minutes of time only. Because the Aadhaar card already stored the data of the person who came to bank for account and banks work also came to tension relief and quick service to their Customer.

Nandan Nilekani who is UIDAI chairmen announce this electronic based banking system recently. The bank will link the Aadhaar card 12 digit number which submit by the customer to the bank of the time of opening a new bank account the bank will link up this 12 digit number to the UIDAI's database then the customer has to give his finger prints at the bank branch only and it is more secure system and best protecting way of bank accounts than submitting documents etc. UIDAI targeted 60 Crore Aadhaar Card distribution by the end of the year and they reached 46 Crore mark distribution of Aadhaar Cards to the concern persons who are eagerly waiting for Aadhaar Card.