DOB Included In New Aadhaar Cards

Date of Birth DOB Included In New Aadhaar Cards......

Aadhaar cards will be issued from now onwards will have Date of birth included which made easy for people to have a proof for several government as well as non-government organizations. So far government spent 2000 crore rupees for this scheme and almost delivered to 23 crore citizens.

DOB Included In New Aadhaar Cards

As of now, year of birth is only mentioned in the card and UID is accepted to include Date of birth, said by city based RTI activist Prabhune,who drew attention of UIDAI in November 2012, received a message from Assistant Director General Of Planning Commission ,Shirish Kumar ,stating that from here onwards date of birth included in Aadhaar cards. Also See: Download e-Aadhaar Card in eAadhaar Website

The activists also mentioned that Aadhar number will be good enough to accept as a proof for any services such as Bank account opening, post, mobile, gas connection and several government and non government organizations, in coming days.

It is assured that with Aadhaar card (Unique Identification) one will not required to carry any other ID proofs for getting service benefits from various service providers, Also limitations other cards issued earlier will be eliminated by UID.

However it is difficult for one who don’t have date of birth in their cards is difficult to claim their benefits where age proof is required to submit. After integration with all systems, it may be possible that the data of UID and other service providers will share electronically, but till that time UID is not useful for all such transactions. Don't Miss: How to Know your Aadhaar Card Status

Prabhune said that, many things like senior citizen concessions, Bank, Post, Passport, Gas connection, Mutual fund and Mobile needs age proof. In India most of the citizens doesn’t have date of birth, but have only year of birth is recorded in Aadhar cards, therefore it is acceptable for those to have year of birth and subsequently update their data whenever valid data is received, he said.