Enrollment Target In HP By Year End Is 95%

In Himachal Pradesh the total Aadhaar Card numbers which is used to the people is 52 lacs nearly. In the Kangna district of this state, 11 lacs Aadhaar Card numbers are issued at maximum. At the end end of the year, it is expected that 95% of Aadhaar Card Enrollment is to be covered. To reach this goal many enrollment camps are also going to setup at panchayat level in the upcoming days. There is an opportunity for those who have not enrolled for Aadhaar Card yet and that is many special enrollment camps have been set up at the central zonal level. For 4-5 panchayats in the state, enrollment camps are also being setup for joint enrollment along with this. When the large numbers of people are missed out from enrollment, then many camps will be conducted at the panchayat level for them said by the officials.

The work is distributed to 4 zones related to Aadhaar Card enrollment. Based on this all the four zone details are given as shimla, sirmaur, solan and kinnaur in the first zone. Kangra chamba districts in the second zone. The third part contains Mandi, kullu and Lahanl and Spiti. While the fourth zone has Una, Hamirpur and Bilaspur. Aadhaar Card number can be shown as a proof of identify. It will also be useful in accessing many government related schemes in which the person who is getting benefit from this has to prove his identity. In the direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme also the Aadhaar Card number is used. As a result, it can be ensured that only the real beneficiary will have opportunities gets the benefits of the scheme. Download Aadhaar Card at eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in website.