Why and How to Reenroll the Aadhaar Card?

The Reenroll the Aadhaar Card required for the people who didn't receive Aadhaar Card Number although they enroll their personal details at Aadhaar Enrollment center established by UIDAI. Important thing is the Re-Enrollment for Aadhaar Card only for the people who enrolled already before 01-04-2012 and not received the Aadhaar Card till now. This problem occur due to this management by the operator. The UIDAI decentralized the Aadhaar Enrollment from top to bottom at different level with the local bodies or contractors to finish the Aadhaar Enrollment of the people.

The data collected by these contractors are mixing and unusable condition that's why the UIDAI also conform that give to technical reasons some people required to re-enroll their data of the Enrollment centers again to get the Unique ID number. The good news is people who enrolled their biometric data with NPR (National Population Register) they didn't reenroll for Aadhaar Card the UIDAI officials conform to the Delhi government that people who are searching for their Aadhaar Card Status finding "Can't be processed due to technical reasons". These candidate people must be reenroll for Aadhaar Card again of the Enrollment center. The Delhi State government issued GO also saying that Aadhaar Card is must and should for Everybody living in the New Delhi Territory because the government offering 20 services through using Aadhaar Card like Property Registration, Birth Certificate, Marriage Registration etc.

The Delhi Population is 1.67 crore nearly from these 1.37 crore people completed for Aadhaar Enrollment. This is one of the fastest and study enrollment for the Aadhaar Card in the country that the bad news is the government announce that they have no data of the enrolled people before 01-04-2012 this creating lot of confusion in the people of Delhi who required and who are not required and why go for reenrollment for Aadhaar Card.

Who Required Reenrollment?

The UIDAI put the 3 cadres to reenroll who come under anyone of these

  • If you are searching for Aadhaar Card status on the official website and finding 'Rejected'.

  • Although you enrolled your Acknowledgement slip number that the status seen 'Not found'.

  • Anybody find in search of status and enrollment before 01-April-2012 and find the 'Can't be Processed due to Technical Reasons'.

So once again conform your status in the official website and visit for Reenrollment of the Aadhaar Enrollment center as early as possible to get back your Aadhaar Card quick and fast. Because every government service is linked with Aadhaar Card only.