I Lost My Aadhaar Card Number how i can get?

The Aadhaar Card, if you lost or mistakenly misplaced at anywhere and forgot now it is not a problem at all!!

Anybody lost your Aadhaar Card number and to get your Aadhaar Card here are the simple ways to get their Aadhaar Card instead of their lost. Lacks of people waiting for Aadhaar Card for a months time and the other way somebody lost their Aadhaar Card by mistakenly or misplaced them. If Aadhaar Card didn't found everybody feel hurry burry in search for Aadhaar Card and invain their efforts to find their Aadhaar card now it is not a problem to feel sad. There are some ways to get back their lost Aadhaar Card number from the UIDAI.

How can get Aadhaar Card?

First take a xerox copy of your Aadhaar Card or write the 14 digits Aadhaar Card number in your dairy or in your mobile or anywhere which you regularly visit. This will help you to retrieve your Aadhaar Card back. The UIDAI issue a toll free number 1800 - 180 - 1947 which is always say busy busy... Don't feel that this is ringtone. The lines always and it is very tough to get your call if you fail to connect follow the given below steps.

You need to have the Aadhaar Card xerox copy or at least Aadhaar Card number then you will get another Aadhaar Card from UIDAI. The Aadhaar Card number is printed as MNREGA job card, PDS’s ration card, etc. The Aadhaar Card Enrollment center which you entered your personal data visit again for to get Aadhaar Card, for this you have to give your demographic information like name, dob, address, contact mobile number etc if your details matched in the system then you can get your Aadhaar Card number to your address, email or sms to your mobile. If you failed in to get back your Aadhaar Card the best way is through online and download eAadhaar letter card from the official website eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in.