How to Book Online Appointment for Aadhaar Card Enrollment

UIDAI the apex body established by Government of India for Aadhaar Card issue to each and every people in the country. For this UIDAI launched online facility also for the general people who didn't get Aadhaar Card Enrollment or Registration. This is really a good news for all who didn't have Aadhaar card now. Before two years it take days, weeks time to complete enrollment process of the Aadhaar Enrollment center but this online booking for appointment of enrollment at Aadhaar Enrollment center. Presently this online facility for Aadhaar Enrollment in some states only, the states are Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. These states have the facility of online booking for appointment of Aadhaar Enrollment. This is save the people's valuable time for Aadhaar Enrollment. How to get the eAadhaar Card via Online

Everybody who registered or booked online appointment for Aadhaar Enrollment the UIDAI gave a new facility to cancel the appointment or people can reschedule or change their date and time which fixed for Aadhaar Enrollment of the Aadhaar center. If these states are successfully run this facility of Aadhaar Online appointment system will implement through out the country within this year.

How to Book Online Appointment for Aadhaar Enrollment?

Visit the uidai.gov.in official website for online appointment each people required to fill the form in the process of entering into the personal details and email, phone number, state or UT area belongs - Rural, Urban, city, locality, your nearest Aadhaar center name and fix the date and time when you want to enroll your data at the center. This facility for a maximum of four people (Family).

Have the option for appointment at a time. If you want to cancel your earlier appointment then you have to book again for fresh appointment date for Aadhaar Enrollment. After entering the data in the online application form at the bottom of application select "Fix Appointment" Column / Button. This will conform your appointment their for online aadhaar enrollment. After the above said process completed you will get an appointment / acknowledgement slip for Aadhaar Enrollment which consists the token number, data and time for your enrollment. The appointment slip carry the center location details and also number of persons to booked online appointment for Aadhaar Enrollment, Aadhaar Enrollment center contact person, Enrollment Agency and registrar name. Keep this print out the appointment slip and go to the Aadhaar Enrollment center with a valid proof of ID which is mandatory for all, address proof and date of birth certificate at the time of visiting the Aadhaar Enrollment center of the date and time which is fixed by you.